Literature festivals: Uniting writers, publishers and readers

Indeed, literature is steadfast on following the corporate footprints replicating its success mode of business conferences and events to spread awareness, enhance readership and bring the community together. I’ve observed it in a host of literary events that have taken place in different cities in India recently. Euphoria is huge in these events.

Well, we must thank pulp authors from the corporate and technology background who have inspired a new generation to leave their corporate jobs and write their own stories in novels. They have brought the corporate world closer to the literary world. Indeed a great fusion, a perfect juxtaposition of two worlds!

Starting from the Jaipur Literature Festival, which is internationally known now, to regional literature festivals in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad and other places, the people in the publishing and writing business have been reaping in on the corporate models of organizing conferences, stage chat shows, fireside discussions on hot literary topics. Suddenly writers and publishers who often felt alienated because of the lack of such platform are in direct attention. We can see them speak publicly, cite their opinion like diplomats, and share their critical viewpoint on books, events and literary instances.

In my opinion, it is a good beginning and a way to compete against mother media such as TV, radio. We can hope that these events will usher in a new change and unite different erudite minds and allow them to write on the important topics–through their fictional or non-fictional works–that often go unnoticed.

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