A Hindi Writer from Himachal—S R Harnot

I take pride in introducing S.R. Harnot, a Hindi Fiction writer from Himachal who’s earned a name through a number of Hindi stories and novels. He has a number of fiction titles to his credit such as Hidimb, a novel, and short story collections like Akashbel, Panja, Peeth Par Pahar, Daroshi and Mitti ke Log. Many of his stories, translated into English, have won him a name at the national and international forums. Recently the English version of one of his short stories “A – Manav” has been selected for presentation at the World Literature Conference being held at Lisbon in Portugal later this month. Dr Mariola Offredi, a former associate professor, Hindi Language and Literature, Ca’ Foscari University of Venic, who translated the story, will herself present it at the conference. She has also presented a paper in English on Harnot’s novel Hidimb.

Harnot who is MA in Hindi and a diploma-holder in public relations was born on 22 January, 1955 at his native village Chanawog in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. He’s employed as Information Officer in Himachal Tourism. He’s also received awards such as Bharatendu Harish Chandra Award from All India Artists Assn.; Creative News National Award; Himachal Kesari Award; Himachal Gaurav Award, etc.

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