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Onkar Sharma

Onkar Sharma is a an author, a journalist, knowledge-seeker, reviewer, dreamer and a wanderer who loves to drive his pen to bridge psychological chasms, and wind hearts with hearts, minds with minds, and both of them with souls. Sounds airy? But most of it is true.

Learning, resorting to a healthy criticism and ploughing through books and works of art with a reviewer-like approach is part of his genuine attitude. Of course, he writes to quench the mental unrest, to suppress the inner turmoil and to reside in an exotic world formed by surreal thoughts and feelings. He is an avid reader and likes to explore new books, magazines, genres, authors, arts and sometimes sciences. On the look out for something different, he doesn’t even spare the cheap book stalls on the railway stations, the bus-stands and the filthy nooks of any city, since his instinct always makes him hunger after the knowledge which can be discovered even in the books sold in these places.

In love with his birthplace–Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh) in the lap of broken, barren hills of lower Himalayas, he always steals an opportunity to visit the native place. He currently resides in Delhi working for a business IT magazine. In the business IT and computing domain he has worked with a number of publications and developed a strong network in the industry. Through thought-provoking write-ups and stories, he is the voice of the industry. He loves books, literature, philosophy, science and technology.

Not to demean his years as an instructor and lecturer at a public school in his hometown in the initial days of the career, he was a morale booster and self-styled teacher.

Catch his vein by subscribing to his blog and posting replies.

For special projects, lectures, articles and writing services, he can be reached at onkarsharma11@gmail.com

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