Why shouldn’t a cop write a poem?

Ever wondered why a cop should not be a poet? Here is how. Recently a lady traffic cop from Mumbai dared the line and wrote a poem. You know what happened. She didn’t garner a contract with a publisher. Rather she landed in a controversy. Now on her hangs a danger of being fired and then arrested.

It all happened when she (Ms Patil) wrote a poem titled ‘Azad Maidan’,  published in November last in Samwad, the in-house magazine of the Mumbai Police. She wrote the poem based on her experience during the Azad Maidan protests on 11 August, 2012 in which rioters did a lot of damage to the property and hurt the religious sentiment. They also attacked the police in a big way and set on fire several vehicles. Her poem is a direct attack on the rioters who desecrated the Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial and demands that their hands should have been “chopped off”.  The poem further adds that the police should have opened fire on the rampaging mob.

Well, good or bad. That is to decide for the lawmakers. I’m happy at the fact that poetry has a power even today to awaken the establishment.

One thought on “Why shouldn’t a cop write a poem?

  1. Why shouldn’t a cop write a poem? Poetry is for the masses ~ This is how history has been handed down. Without Poetry ~ Song may not have been born. Beîng born to write does not exclude anyone ~ Nor does it validate any one singular person. Poetry takes on a life of its own ~ And breathing life in to a poem is a wonderful gift that does not pick and chose authors by their professions.

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