A writing contest for budding writers

Below is a press note from the organizer of the contest that calls on the budding writers. Please note that the contest will close on 4th February 2013.

If you have the flair of writing but have not shown it to the world, here is the chance to showcase your hidden talent and discover the writer within you by participating in “My First Book at ROCKSTAND” Contest. ROCKSTAND has initiated this contest to promote those writers who have the skill as a writer but have opted for different streams / profession and also for the budding writers who are looking for a platform to make a mark for themselves in the critics mind that too with language being no barrier to it.

ROCKSTAND now through this contest will give an opportunity to such professionals as well as budding writers who can now put themselves on test. ROCKSTAND gives the option to the contestants to either write a short story or a complete book and the winner’s piece / book will then get published and released by ROCKSTAND on its platform.

Commenting on the launch Praveen Rajpal, Founder & Director, RockASAP Retail Pvt. Ltd said “Electronic media through its reality shows has always brought to the forefront hidden talent amongst its viewers. At ROCKSTAND we realized that there was no platform for writers, hence this idea of not only creating a reality shows for the writers but also ensuring that the winner’s piece is published on ROCKSTAND’s platform. An annual event for professionals, budding writers and the writers, this contest gives an opportunity to anyone and everyone to participate and showcase their talent to the world”.

The Campaign for ‘My First Book at ROCKSTAND’ is running on Facebook. The participants’ needs to send in their entries from the 7 topics mentioned on the Facebook page that too in any language of their choice. All the entries will then be reviewed by a team esteemed jury. The winner will not only get their book published on the ROCKSTAND platform but will also earn attractive prices as well as Android Tablet as a gift.

The campaign is up and running and all the entries will be accepted till 4th February 2013. The entries can be sent across atmyfirstbook@rockasap.com and you can also visit https://www.facebook.com/MyFirstBookAtROCKSTAND for further information. Winners’ name will be announced during the book fair and they will receive the certificate from the honorable panel of judges.


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