Poem: A Sensible Editor’s Pang

My poem published on The Literary Yard

Literary Yard


I’m an editor, not a brainless salesman
And I don’t review or publish porn
Maybe the nextdoor nerds will love it
Dump your scripts at their door
If you believe I missed the psychological conflict
Veiled behind the exceedingly damn’d smut
Which’s adorned with
Weird, brown, round, swinging, etc

Your fiction might do wonders
Amongst those who preach incest, bawdiness;
It can behave as an eye-opener
For those who hunger for knowledge
For those who has limitless passion to absorb
Millions of dick-shoving and tits-pressing techniques.

Maybe I’m an old-school
And overtime have turned extra perjorative
But for me, porn is still porn
I’m too little a person to do justice with your innovation

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