Poem: Hymn to Banaras

Literary Yard

By: Kousik Adhikari  


The Ganga walks mildly cradling
Banaras and its Lord in her lap,
In the evening thousand suns burn
Throughout the steps of Dasaswamedh Ghat,
Fires illuminating the world and her glowing face,
Fire fires all.
Resonance of OUM covering the universe
And it forgets to dance around the suns,
The city older than the civilization
With it’s every single dust touched by thousand monks,
Sages, glazing beings of ethereal universe, devout sons of earth,
Sacred, sacred to the very core,
And it can bless even the most satanic Satan
Causing the whirl of lie, life and death that summons us
Again and again.
Oh! Lord, in how many dreams
I have seen myself crying at the steps of the Ganga,
Touching the pure dust of your holy land
And the smoke of burning sun coils over the mist called earth,
Fire, fire and fires everything.

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