Story: Fishing for Pumpkinseeds

Literary Yard

By: Richard Luftig


Chuck-E-Cheese was created for guys like me. Divorced men who see their kids on weekends. Children who, as they get older, don’t want to leave their friends in order to spend boring time with their fathers.

In my case Seth is six, and Kathryn and I have been divorced since he was three. I’m an outdoor guy; I work as a line repairer for a cable company. An office job would drive me crazy. I hunt and fish—typical of a guy raised in northern California.

It’s like Seth was dropped to the wrong house by the stork. He stays indoors, playing videogames. He was born with lazy eye and has worn glasses since he was two. Maybe that’s what makes him hesitant to play outside. I know you’re supposed to accept your child unconditionally and really I try, but Seth has sensed my disappointment. I’ve tried hard to…

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