President of India Inaugurates the New Delhi World Book Fair 2014

The World Book Fair 2014 brings a variety of books from around the world. It is a must visit show for book lovers.

Literary Yard

world book fairThe President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the New Delhi World Book Fair 2014. Speaking on the occasion, he said that an international book fair of this magnitude is one of the best manifestations of India’s liberal, democratic, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and secular society where competing ideas and ideologies have equal space. These values constitute the essence of India and that we must do everything possible to preserve, protect, promote and nurture these ideals.

He also said, “India’s pluralism and social, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity is our greatest strength and a multiple source of inspiration for every Indian and that we must be uncompromising in rejecting intolerance, prejudice and hatred. Book fairs such as this should remind us that our history and traditions have always celebrated the ‘argumentative’ Indian and not the ‘intolerant’ Indian. Multiple views, thoughts and philosophies have competed with each other peacefully for centuries in our country and freedom…

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