An advice to ebook writers

It is a fast-paced world, I understand. But it is not foolish enough to digest a half-cooked work. The thought is striking me after a rush of ebooks on multiple online platforms that I had to go through in search of information. I was astonished by the way the ebooks were listed randomly on these platforms. Well, it is also a noteworthy point that many of the ebooks exceeded the standards of even those available in print.

But at large the platforms were infested with ebooks poorly-crafted, poorly-written. Most of them were a torture to go through. Several stories, which I tried to go through with utmost austerity,  did not have a proper beginning, a middle or an end–the most important elements to make a poem, fiction or even non-fiction worth it.

Doesn’t this undermine the purpose of writing a book or an ebook, to be exact? Since a writing piece is a message–long or short, it should be precise, clear and well-thought. It has to establish a connect with the reader. Any difficulty posed to the reader out of your procrastination to slog on the write-up will drive him/her away. That’s why it is more than required to spend more time on the works you wish to take to the mass audience before you create an ebook. Read it, reread it, do the edits, show it to somebody senior in the business, take inputs, heed on them, add clarity, do the necessary changes and then think of making it available on a public platform. If you can do this, your effort is no less than a trash. Plus it earns a bad name. And once a bad writer is always a bad writer in the eyes of readers. Your later works, however written well, will be judged on the previous experience the readers had with you. Believe me a half-baked product is overlooked and despised. That’s not desired anywhere, not even on the easy to publish platforms.

Trust me it is a bit of more work. You can complete your work more beautifully and add literary aesthetics to it. And it would yield you satisfaction.

As most novice writers assume, it is not a way to quick fame to fall in the category of writers. It’s no less than a print book. If ever read, a reader would be judgmental,  detrimental of your writing style, seriousness. It’s a sensitive game and needs to be treated warily.

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