‘A Soulful of Lie’, a Debut Novel by Supriya Parulekar Launched

India seems to have touched new heights in English writing, specifically fiction. In last few years, readers have the delight to read many maiden novelists like Arvind Adiga and Kishwar Desai, among others. Latest author to join the league is Supriya Parulekar. Recently Crossword Bookstore, Mumbai and Leadstart Publishing on 30th November 2010, launched her debut novel ‘A Soulful of Lie’. Well, it’s irrelevant to mention that the book was released by celebrity photographer, Gautam Rajadhyaksha, while Smt. Sharmila Raj Thackeray, the wife of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray was the guest for the evening. The press release, which I received, says, “When asked about the origin of a complex plot for the book, Supriya shared with the audience her near death experience as a child and visions from her past which helped her develop the plot for the book.”

Since Supriya has come up with her debut novel, it is important to know who she is. Supriya Parulekar’s novel is said to be the result of her habit of concocting stories for her seven-year- old daughter. She has been a reporter, a producer for a TV channel and most recently a contents writer. Supriya has also done a post-graduate diploma in journalism and mass communications. This is her first completed work as an author. Her husband–Raju Parulekar–is into Bollywood, and is a script-writer who she has also helped in the beginning years of her marriage.

Let us see how her novel leaves marks in our minds.




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